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Dokumentarac: Estetska operacija povećanja grudi

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Dokumentarac: Estetska operacija povećanja grudi

U ovom interesantnom dokumentarnom filmu upoznaćete se pobliže sa pripremama i samim izvođenjem estetske tj. plastične hirurgije. Pogledajte pripreme, sam tok, slike pre i posle zahvata, mišljenja,preporuke, dobre i loše strane..


I thought I would share this older video ( from 2012) of me getting plastic surgery to help anyone who is curious about getting anything done to see what it’s like and what to expect! It is a scary thing to go under anesthesia and I didn’t have any youtube videos of someone vlogging their whole surgery the night before or in the operating room or even after surgery to see what actually goes on, and what it is really like. So I put together this vlog I did years ago to share my journey with you. This is my plastic surgery story and I list in the video how much my plastic surgery cost, how long it took me to recover, what plastic surgeons I recommend. I also talk about my opinion on the surgery what I didn’t like what I did like. What I would have done differently. What city I got my surgery dine in. It was Los Angeles. Beverly Hills, and Pasadena to be exact. And I will be making a whole other video of why I got plastic surgery at a later date. So if you are interested in that please let me know! Sending you all of my love! MUAH! xoxo

Dr’s I highly recommend for plastic surgery:

Beast Augmentation, Breast Revision: Dr Neal Handel Santa Barbra Ca

Rhinoplasty, Rhinoplasty Revision: Dr Vladimir Grigoriants

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